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Are You Looking to Thrive in the Face of Change? 

Explore Market Shifts. Envision Alternative Scenarios. Establish Desired Futures.

Let's design and build the future, together

I collaborate with teams to translate emerging shifts into proprietary insights and opportunities to create positive transformation at a micro and macro scale.

Working at the intersection of Social Sciences, Strategic Foresight, Design, and Business Strategy, I’ve developed a pragmatic and tailored approach to Futures Design. A practice that focuses on creating future resilience and long-term value. 


The organizations, teams, and individuals I work with are curious and proactive about the future and strive to lead with purpose and make a positive impact.

Futures Design empowers organizations to create preferred future visions and move from insight to action, and bridge the gap from uncertainty and ambiguity to certainty and confidence.

It is about making sense of what’s happening today and what could be possible tomorrow, and prototyping narratives and artifacts of the future to identify and define a preferable future and lay out a course of action(s).

About Me

I’m an Innovation Strategist and Futures Designer. With 7+ years of experience, I integrate research, strategy, and design to create long-term opportunities and preferable futures. I collaborate with teams to uncover emerging trends and behaviours and translate insights into socioeconomic shifts, actionable strategies, and concepts that unlock growth opportunities, for today and tomorrow. 

I’ve leveraged my expertise to help 15+ global organizations across industry sectors innovate and future-proof their products, strategies, and culture to create transformation.

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Some of the Clients I’ve Designed Compelling Futures With

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