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Re-designing The Ambulance Stretcher

A re-design of the ambulance stretcher that utilizes a new approach by adopting the technique of air chambers in its mattress, creating a more flexible and supportive form. Thus, making it more comfortable for the patients, while being easier and more practical at usage for the ambulance personnel.

Initially starting with an aim towards re-designing the ambulance stretcher. The research redirected and developed as an investigation on how to improve the service and the overall experience for both the patients by providing them a better, more comfortable and efficient transportation to the destined medical facility, and for the ambulance personnel to provide them with safer working conditions and maintain their health and physical ability, which often gets affected due to strenuous work demands and the amount of patient lifting and handling that they perform.

The structure of the ambulance stretcher is divided into the stretcher chassis and the stretcher trolley, in which their design is aimed at achieving a more efficient, easier and more practical patient handling.

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