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Lucidity Bench

Public Design

A bench design that understands the human nature and preferences. Inspired by and aiming to find a solution for forms of vandalism that have swamped public spaces as a form of self expression. The new public seating concept acknowledges humans' tendency to leave a mark behind them and approaches the issue of vandalism through a novel design idea.

The design process started with an observation in the Egyptian streets to have an in-depths observation for public norms and problems. The design objective was then set to designing a public seat that finds a new approach towards vandalism and conforms to public sitting behaviour, as well. A thorough study wasconducted towards materials, then coming up with a creative solution for vandalism, and finally creating an abstract, minimalist form that has versatile sitting options, as well as in manufacturing.

The new bench design is made out of concrete, an anti-vandal material, the more you groove out, the more the exposed aggregates show and the more you add to the design. Also, the form of the bench is designed to conform to the different seating preferences people have. Therefore, the bench becomes an experimental project to discover how people will behave through the context of the new design and react towards the properties of the bench.

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