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Hasbro: CSR

Audit and Opportunities

Looking into current innovations in the toy industry and future signals, we were able to identify the most compelling trends. By looking into Habsro's CSR, current business activities, and their planned expansions, we identified several opportunities that fit within Hasbro's business vision and culture. 

We created a framework that identifies what makes up a good CSR and the several components that form it. And how Habsro complied with such criteria through their business decisions, their work environment, and their contribution to the community. We also looked into the company's history and how they implemented their strategy, mission, and vision through the different business decisions and activity. 

For the proposed opportunities, we connected one of them to projects Hasbro is involved in to further expand them and create more value. Others were proposed according to opportunities that Hasbro should leverage in regards to advancements in technology and to re-invent play the toy industry.

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