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Anne Gorgy

Designing a Future Influenced by the Human Condition

About Me

A multi-disciplinary Designer with a focus in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. I graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design.


I have a passion for art, culture, and forms of expression. Constantly contemplating in people's behaviours, relationships, experiences, and fleeting moments.


To get a glimpse of my world and the things  

I'm passionate about, check my blogor know more about me through the links below.
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What I Do



I am a thinker, creator, and storyteller. With a deep interest in the human condition and our ways of being and expression. My work is deeply rooted at the intersection of people, technology, and business. I’m always looking for ways to create value and meaningful experiences.


I have developed and expanded my design expertise in many fields to fully understand the role of design in enhancing our perceptions. With the aim to leverage on technological capability and business opportunities to address people’s desires and needs.

How I Work



I integrate different processes in my work. It usually starts with observations and insights, followed by research, trend spotting and signal analysis, and data and experience journey mapping. To be later distilled for synthesis and application through ideation, prototyping, and implementation.



Collaboration and team projects have been an integral part of my work. I have worked with people across many fields and disciplines, in which everyone would contribute with their knowledge and expertise to create unique outcomes and experiences that people can identify with.

Design Strategy
Product Design

I have developed products and solutions across various domains. This includes a lot of work for the healthcare industry. I have also done projects for public, furniture, lighting, exhibition, and soft goods design. Most of my work revolves around human-centered design, and looks into cultures, people's behaviours, experiences, and perception of spaces.

Digital Design

A medium that allows for limitless possibilities, explorations, and instilling different user experiences. I have developed app mock ups and prototypes, along with experimenting with codes. I have also done work in visual identity and branding, and editorial and layout design. I continue to pursue my interest in photography and videography, and movie editing.  

My work has involved trend analysis
and utilizing foresight tools to create 
pre-competitive future opportunities for enterprises. Looking into companies' CSR and current market positioning to develop growth strategies. These strategies emerge from experience journey mapping and research within the domains of technology, psychology, philosophy, and anthropology.

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