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Crossing Paths

The life you carry

Do you ever sit on the subway and start observing the stranger or the couple sitting in front of you? You notice their clothes, facial expressions, and body language. Then you start wondering about their life beyond this moment. You begin to imagine and slowly start weaving an image of how their life might be or look like, what their interests are, the experiences they have gone through, the obstacles they have overcome, and the battles they have fought.

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Colliding with icebergs

We constantly encounter and cross paths with strangers on daily basis. Sometimes, there is something special about them that gets stuck in our minds. But often times they are passersby we have shared a moment with, without even realizing it. Either way, strangers, in our momentarily interactions with them, become like tips of icebergs we can see from afar. They appear like a shallow surface floating above the water, but underneath that surface lies the body of the iceberg, of what really makes them up and is special about them. However, it lies beyond our perception, and can only be realized if we truly collide and dive deep.

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Scratching beneath the surface

Being the designer and artist that I am, I have always marvelled and contemplated at things and people around me. I would observe and look at them from a different angle, and start seeing them through a different perspective. It became a habit to always question what I’m seeing and experiencing, analyze it, and imagine alternatives for it. As I grew up, I became more curious about people’s behaviours, the constructs of societies, and the artifacts of culture and what they reflect and represent. It continuously influences my own work and who I am as a person.

A Virtual Encounter

That said, I would like to think of this blog as a connection that ties two ends. The world as it lies out there like a tip of an iceberg with lots of things happening and viewing it through someone else’s eyes and experiences. A blog that serves as a medium to create a virtual encounter between all the people out there and myself. An interaction that gives them a glimpse into my own life and experiences, things I am passionate about, and personal thoughts and ideas.

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