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The Expression of Being

Design Bachelor Thesis

The Expression of Being is a study that explores upcoming opportunities within the Internet of Things and aims to humanize technology. These opportunities are built on
the premise of objects gaining knowledge and the realization of a new system that connects people, technology, and businesses. Through this system, we transcend from
the current state of the blended reality to the fusioned reality, through which augmented behaviour and intelligence will prevail. 

In our current state of the blended reality, people use and generate data that end up being scattered across the different platforms we use. Consequently, we fail to draw insights about our multi-dimensional identity as it interacts in daily routines, as well as the value of data trails that we constantly leave behind.

The new system proposed leverages on the capabilities of the Internet of Things and data mining to track users' pattern and generate insights about their identity and activities. Thus, augmenting their experiences and lifestyle with people, products, and services that match their essence. Therefore, the new self-sustaining system realizes the value of data as a form of expression, giving rise to the collective Self. 

Within that new system and reality, multiple business ideas are generated that feed and exist through one another. All with the aim to create a more coherent, authentic, and collective system between technology, people, and businesses, and efficiently allocate resources and enhance people's experiences.

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