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The Expression of Being

Thesis Research and Analysis

Throughout our day-to-day living and modern society, prevails our current state of hyper-sharing. We are constantly sharing pieces of us in our daily interactions, we are sharing our experiences, emotions, services, and products. Leaving both our stories behind and trails of data both in the physical and virtual world. Intrigued by this state and how it will evolve with the manifestation of the Internet of Things, became the start of the research process. The process began with asking questions, then followed by trend analysis, mapping the research findings, exploring opportunities and creating scenarios.

The motivations behind the sharing economy were tracked down in history and with the development of the Internet, and how it evolved people's behaviours and generated new ones. Such research led to a deeper investigation into the current trends that highlight our society and upcoming ones that will emerge with the development of technology.

Emerging from people's needs and desires, current drivers of change, and future signals, it became evident that the new currency in the upcoming era will be knowledge. With societies goverened by the exchange of knowledge between people and their connected objects, in which both will co-exist, evolve, and influence one another.

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